Submitted v4.2 of SAC for iOS to the App store today

Here’s how to calculate the area of a shape by tracing over a .JPG, .GIF or .PDF file using SketchAndCalc for iPhone or iPad.

1) Install Dropbox on Mac/PC and iPhone/iPad.

2) Launch SketchAndCalc and connect to Dropbox from the Import Image command found in the Action Menu.

3) From your Mac/PC, add any .JPG .GIF or .PDF file to the Dropbox “SketchAndCalc” folder found in the “Apps” folder.

4) Select the image from SketchAndCalc and adjust it’s size, position and orientation.

5) Import the image and trace along a known length.

6) In Settings adjust the canvas scale to match the known length, and proceed to trace around entire shape.

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